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To whom we are welcoming, we would like to go through all the information you will need. All the pictures you have seen on our website are images taken from our the guest house. There are no effects or photoshoped pictures on the images on our website. What ever is seen on the images on the website. You will find the same in our guest house. The house is very historical and modest therefor if you are looking for a place that is de luxe, please don’t prefer our guest house.The things we can offer you is a historical house (112 years old), with clean sheets, clean showers, clean toilets and smiley workers. After the short information, we can start giving you the details about the house.Our guest house was made in 1903 and is a historical Greek (website: hayatalti.com) has 3 floors and has a terrace.

1st floor of the guesthouse –  for rent is Around 40 m2 width. 1 toilet/shower, 1 double bed, 2 sofa sets, mini kitchen and can take up to 4-6 people ( ideal for big families or groups of friends)

2nd floor of the guesthouse – 1 room, 1 saloon, 1 kitchen, 1 toilet/shower and a mini garden

3rd floor of the guesthouse – 3 rooms, 1 toilet/shower, the toilets and showers on the 3rd floor are shared with other guests on the same floor.

4th floor – floor terrace.

All the rooms have wifi and ventilation (fans). Why is the toilets, showers and air conditioners not in the rooms ?Because the house is historical, the house is under protection by the government. We can not do what we want to any of the buildings. For this reason we can not put toilets, showers and airconditioning in the rooms.

Breakfast menus :Cheese, eggs, black olives, green olives, jam, tomatoes, cucumber, bread, tea,water.

What we have and what we have not?

Let’s start from what we have not: We have not got water slides.We are not so close to the sea. Everything is not included. We do not have luxury rooms. We have no animation, bow tie-d waitresses and waiters, chefs making flowers from watermelon.

For what we have: A historical house of 112 years. A mini garden full of green. A terrace with seaview of Cunda island. Wooden flooring with noises. Fireplace ( no matter how much it can’t be used, knowing your there is even nice ).Oppertunities of making friendships. A Quiet, calm holiday experience. Our rooms are simple but beautiful. We have flowers and bugs. We are close to the main street and city centre and we have a historical road.

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